get a head start

How to become the star
of the 3D printing scene

Nothing speaks louder than success. Did you come up with a novel 3D
printed product or technology, and do you want to make it worth its
weight in gold? Well, here’s how your new idea can make you the star of
the start-up scene with a little help from Sirris.

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From idea to 3D
business success

The road from idea to 3D business success can be a bumpy one.
Whether you are a business owner, a business unit manager or a
starting entrepreneur with a dream, innovating means taking
risks—with no guarantee of financial results.

Luckily, Sirris can give you a head-start!

The business model canvas

Get a head-start

In a 5-session programme, our experts in 3D printing and entrepreneurship
will help you and your fellow innovators apply lean principles to:

Lay the groundwork for your business plan
Work out your 3D printed product
Make sure your idea meets a real market need
Ensure that your designs are 3D printing-proof

The result?
You’re a major step closer to turning a potentially risky business into a successful money business

Who’s it for?

To participate in this, you need to have:

Product idea

A minimum viable product idea - a minimum set of product features that are enough to test whether customers would be willing to buy it.


A product development team with relevant technical and domain knowledge.

3D Printing

An idea for a product that can only be achieved with 3D printing.

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